Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Everyone needs a driveway!

I've been told that Fire Station 1's build is ahead of schedule. Yay!!! That means our memorial will be built earlier, too. As you can see in the banner, the kitchen, living areas, and the bunk rooms galvanized steel (makes sense since they are fireproof) studs are up and being sheathed. The roof has most of its sheathing, too. They've framed the huge driveway and laid out the rebar. Next comes the concrete. How exiting!

 Here is the rendering that I submitted to Chief McArthur. He liked it, but it can and probably will change somewhat before it is actually built. Fire station 1 is being built/rebuilt on historic land. Years ago 2nd Avenue grade? school sat there until it burned down. Then the city built it as a stand alone fire station--Station 1. There is a rock and block wall that runs along 2nd avenue that the chief would like to be incorporated into design. Totally doable! The blocks are in good enough shape, but not sure what they will look like after they are dismantled with their big machinery. Keep your fingers crossed there are enough for our small memorial. This will sit inside a roundabout and will have access so people can walk inside and sit on the low wall. The roundabout will be inside the fire station's property, so regular north-side city traffic won't be a problem or a danger for anybody wanting to relax and reflect. 

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